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In the African American Community 72 % of children are raised in single parent households.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau  1 in 4 children under the age of 18 - a total of about 17.5 million - are being raised without a father and nearly half (45%) live below the poverty line.

The greatest percentage of  gang bangers, prisoners, drug addicts, alcoholic, teenage moms and dads, high school dropouts and underachievers, suicide  come from single parent homes

Saving Peoples Lives feels strongly that assistance must be offered to this very vulnerable population.  Our projects include:

Parenting education for single parents

Each year we host a single parent workshop for single parents providing them with training and education on a variety of topics including discipline techniques, bullying, child support, how women raise sons into men and how to improve your child's performance in school.





Recreation and Education for Parents of Children

Each year we host a Winter Wonderland for children in conjunction with the single parent workshop that includes age appropiate activities for all the children in attendance.



Financial Support

Each year we give single parents a $125 gift card to use to help with Christmas for their children and we give children free toys!





Single Mother's care and support. 

Each year for Mother's Day we select single moms to pamper and provide rest and relaxation by providing them with a spa package and elegant lunch.

We have seen this programming change the quality of life of single moms and their children.

Check out these Testimonials

"Before attending the Single Parent Workshop I was making a lot of choices on feelings and emotions rather than choices and decisons.  I was allowing my void of the absent father to make me man-dependent instead of God-dependent.  As a result of attending the workshp me and my son's relationship is stronger and healthier.  He also went from receiving failing grades to making the honor roll."  (LT)

"At the workshop you learn how to relate to your children in a way that many moms may have never thought of.  You get step by step tools on how to esteem and affirm your children so they don't grow up with low self-esteem and insecurity.  When you leave the single parent workshop you leave with assurances that with God and the tools and guidelines that you have been given you can raise your children successfully."  (SW)

"As a single parent of a 16 year old son, participating in the single parent workshops for the last six years, has had a tremendous impact on my life.  When I first attended my first workshop I came with the anticipation of learning how to better discipline my child and maybe learning some stress relievers.  Little did I know that God would completely change the course of our lives..... Within the first 30 minutes of my first workshop I learned that my primary purpose was to be a  "destiny manger.'  I began to pray daily for my son's purity and purpose.  I started putting him first and making it to his games and events, things that in the past I would miss.  I now have a son who is endeavoring to live a life of holiness and abstain from sexual immorality.  He is very respectful and caring.  He is focused on going to college..." (TB)

Saving Peoples Lives also provides support by caring for orphans.  Recently we supported two orphanages in Lagos, Nigeria as part of a short term missions trip.  Our volunteers provided food, clothing, toys and entertainment.

Singles Pleasing the Lord also endeavors to improve the lives of single parents and their children by providing scholarships.

Elizabeth Ann Mukes was a single parent who was employed by the ministry of Singles Pleasing The Lord as bookkeeper.  She was also an intercessor and conference manager for the ministry.  She raised two children as a single mom and taught them to fear the Lord.  Her greatest desire was to see her children serve the Lord and also be well educated.  Because her faith never diminished that anything is possible with God both her children attended college and graduated.

Elizabeth passed away of breast cancer in 2011 and Singles Pleasing the Lord has set up the Elizabeth Ann Mukes Scholarship in her honor.  Scholarships are awarded to children of single parents that are full or part time students.

These were the 2014 Scholarship Recipents:

Charielle McMullan - Junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Her goal is to be a medical doctor working in remote undeveloped areas of the world improving the health of the world.  She is a first generation college student and studied in China participating in the Chinese Intensive Program.



Kelly Darling - A sophomore at Western Michigan University majoring in Sales and Business Marketing, Textile and Apparel Studies.  Her goal is to develop her leadership, managerial and communication skills in order to become a succesful business woman and a mentor to young adults.


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